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Thank you to our amazing clients for their  testimonials…

Incredible woman, incredible service, incredible experience. She is detail oriented, giving, intentional and a goddess for sure. She has given me lashes, energy healing, eyebrow tint and lash tint. But it was so much more than that. She gave me her time and even the healing session from her was very thought out and specific to issues I was facing. If you want a technician that is pure of heart and someone to stay connected, she is your Goddess to go to! Thank you Sharon.  Keia Lavine



My friend took me to see Sharon and it was a life changing experience! I saw her for a few things, emotionally and physically, and I left feeling so much better about everything! I still feel great and it has been a few weeks since I’ve seen her. I would highly recommend seeing Sharon, she is very caring and friendly! I will definitely be going back!   Kelsey C


Who doesn’t love having long lashes!? Sharon is amazing, she offering a high-quality product and luxurious service.   Celeste Freeman


Had an amazing first time experience with my lashes yesterday. I was super worried my lashes would come out that fake spidery look, and I let her know. She did sooooo good! My lashes look so natural, full, long … I’m in love. She does a great job, has a gentle touch and the atmosphere is super chill and relaxing. I will be back and I will be referring all my friends. Thank you for an amazing experience!!!   Sara Bobo Sims


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sharon and her energy healing treatments. To date, I have had two holistic energy healing sessions at the Crystal Ritual Spa, which in a word I have found to be, transformational. Sharon is a beautiful, wise, authentic, and compassionate soul – and a truly incredible healer.  She really takes the time to get to know her clients and is able to customize her treatment approach to your specific needs. I personally enjoy a combination of the modalities she offers such as: aromatherapy, sound healing, Reiki, guided meditation, and crystal therapy. Trust me, you will leave feeling light and aligned.   Savannah G


Sounds dramatic, but this was a life changing experience for my skin! I learned that I was not taking the proper steps to encouraging healthy skin. Now, not even a week later, I feel like I look 5 years younger and have the knowledge of proper skin care. Thank you!!   Meghan Elisabeth B


Sharon Seraphina is a multi-talented, highly-intuitive Gift on this planet. I enthusiastically recommend her services to anyone looking to uplift their life experience. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with everyONE, Seraphina ~ 1f642.png 2764.png    Sharielle Cherubis Maximus


Several days later my face still feels like baby skin and my boyfriend says my skin is glowing. I got the full facial with chemical peel and extractions. Thanks Sharon for the incredible facial with sound and crystal energy healing! I was really impressed with how beautiful the spa space is, I felt completely relaxed and at ease. Sharon really took the time to talk with me about my skin needs and was careful to exclude certain ingredients that are a “no no” during pregnancy. I felt very cared for and listened to. I especially enjoyed the 432 hertz crystal bowls sound healing that she completed the facial with.   Jemini H


A true goddess blessed with a natural ability to heal and rejuvenate people.   Elizabeth Mack


I had my first seesion with Sharon yesterday, and WOW~ it was everything I hoped it to be for my healing journey~ I had two clients tell me today that I was glowing and my boyfriend, whom didn’t even know I had the session told me this morning I looked stunning~ ! I will admit, I felt tired after the session, I believe this to be the detox of negative energies leaving my body by the work of Seraphina…. Today I woke up energized and much more positive and alive in my body and thoughts….. I am a person whom has been involved in the healing industry for a very long time and I have had many Reiki and healing works done on me, and I can tell you ,she is one of the BEST! I will be going back for more sessions ,no question!   Molly Malite Bill