Shamanic healing is thought to be one of the oldest healing practices, stretching back thousands of years and linking to indigenous cultures across the globe. Essentially an energy-based therapy, shamanism is rooted in the belief that everything has an energy and that, sometimes, work needs to be done to bring things back into balance.

Traditionally, a shaman was an important part of tribal life – a medicine person, said to be able to communicate with spirits and ‘journey’ to spirit realms with the help of their own spirit allies. Modern-day shamanism follows a similar pattern, with properly-trained shamanic practitioners working with power animals and spirit helpers to seek advice for the client.

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Typically, the shamanic healer sees health issues as being connected to the loss of energy, or power, and will work to balance these issues, often seeking to return lost energy, remove negativity and return the client to wholeness. Sometimes, the practitioner will bring back advice from the spirit realms, perhaps action points, mantras or ‘homework’ for the client to aid them on their healing journey. As with most energy-based therapies, there is always some responsibility for the client to be absolutely willing and ready to make the change towards a positive, healthier way of being.

During your session, the practitioner may use drums, rattles, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, tuning forks, chanting and music creating a sound bath that will literally engulf your being, cleansing and clearing your aura and chakras. The result of this relaxing, rejuvenating vibrational experience is the washing away of past patterns and old stuck beliefs and addictions, as well as rebalancing and regenerating your entire body, mind and spirit. Sometimes, the practitoner may use other healing tools, such as feathers, as well as a combination of hands on, or off, healing, similar to that experienced during a Reiki session.

Shamanic Healing can be compared to taking your car in for a tune-up, but the vehicle is your body and the tuning is literal. As a human being, your vehicle is so much more complex than an automobile so the effect is deeply felt at all levels of consciousness.

With pure intention, your shamanic healer will attune to your personal and specific needs and then invoke divine wholeness through the instruments, directing the sounds of healing into your being. He will then help you connect with and sustain new harmonies that vibrate with health, prosperity, wellness and joy.

Sharon Seraphina is a reiki master and shamaic healer who offers one-on-one holistic healing sessions here at Crystal Ritual Reiki Reno that incorporate many aspects of traditional shamanic healing along with other complimentary healing modalities such as Reiki, crystal healing and aromatherapy.

She was blessed with the opportunity to study under Anahata at Shamangelic Healing in Sedona, AZ earning the Energy Healing Fundamentals, Practitioner Practices & Tools Certification as well as the Shamanic Teachings & Tools Certification. To see the list of her other coursework and certifications please refer to the About Page and scroll to the bottom.

If you’d like to discuss shamanic healing and/or guidance in more depth, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 775-583-8810.

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