What are crystal singing bowls?

Crystal singing bowls have been widely used since ancient times. Metal singing bowls, crafted from seven different metals, originated from Nepal and Tibet and were used mostly by the Buddhist monks for meditation. Singing bowls made from quartz crystal, date back to even before the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) in the 6th century B.C. Their histories are shrouded in mystery but are said to have come from the ‘Bon’ religion which precedes Buddhism in Tibet by centuries. Some even say that they were used by the priests of ancient Egypt and during the times of Atlantis.

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The sounds and tones of crystal singing bowls are mysterious, captivating, riveting. These sounds are like the primal voice of the once quiet universe. One really needs to experience this sound first hand to feel the majestic, uplifting, incredibly healing and peaceful effects of these bowls. crystal singing bowls, when tapped, hit or rubbed with a wooden mallet or dowel, produce soothing vibrations and sounds that will almost instantly calm your nervous system and put you into a meditative or neutral state of mind, which in itself is conducive to meditation. All of which combined will relieve all forms of stress and promote healing on all levels.

Currently, crystal singing bowls are used in healing treatments by energy healing practitioners around the world through applied sound therapy which serve as a basis for holistic healing. The sounds generated by crystal singing bowls are a type of energy medicine that promote healing from stress disorders, pain, depression, and most forms of dis-ease. Healing processes are initiated through entraining our brainwaves to synchronize with the perfect resonance of the bowls. Unique tones create the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages.

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